TheWorkHub works towards developing a community of entrepreneurs, freelancers and employees under one roof. Each works in their area of expertise but also get to share and mingle at informal get-togethers (coffee breaks, lunches) or official TheWorkHub events.
Each co-worker naturally chooses the option that suits them best. The varied layout reflects the different professions and crafts that occupy the space.
Members of TheWorkHub are linked to one space (Bulle or Vevey) but can go work in the other space if needed.

Free trial day – contact us

Included in the Nomadic Formula:
Community member – access to events (reduced rate for paying events) and to the coworking life.


All-in-one printer

Hight quality chair

2 soundproof working desks

Secure wifi

One meeting room

Individual locker

« Bistrot » common room

(coffee – unlimited tea, microwaves, fridge,…)

In 2019 TheWorkHub Vevey will expand to make a greater number of workplaces available, whether for nomadic use, fixed places or cocoons, as well as integrating a large conference room.