What is the WorkHub ?

Our Mission: to create a work environment where connexions allow for personal and professional development.

Our vision: offer local talents the opportunity to meet under one roof in a work-friendly atmosphere, to allow for sharing and communication.

A Hub? Literally, a hub is the central part of a wheel, its physical core. A model that is said to be “hub and spoke” when it works from a central meeting point. The WorkHub aims to supply a work space which allows its members to communicate and share expertise while allowing the full development of their own domains, enriched by the common experience.


Who is The WorkHub ?

The WorkHub came to life in Vevey in 2017. The project leader is Mélanie Burnier, an HEC graduate. Having worked as a freelancer in several areas including support to SMEs, the fund raising, and project management, she decided to open a creative and open workspace for all.

Since the creation of the WorkHub Vevey, Mélanie has always had the desire to open similar spaces in other towns with local support only. In 2018, a collaboration with Léandre Pasquier, who works in Bulle bore its fruit and TheWorkHub Bulle opened its doors in the particularly dynamic town. In charge of the space and of welcoming the coworkers in Bulle is EnJoy, an agency led by Sandrine Dias and David Kilchoer.

We look forward to welcoming you in Bulle as of January 2019.