Whatever your job or status, the coworking space The WorkHub s is an opportunity to join a dynamic community of workers be it on the Riviera or in Bulle.

Thanks to our flexible formulas which allow you to use the space on a punctual or more regular basis, you can find the best co-working solution without hassle or commitment.


You work alone, whether from home or directly from clients’ offices. You would like to find a place which allows you to leave your daily routine and stimulates meetings with colleagues, letting you communicate with others and work in an efficient environment.

SME, Start-up.

You are an up-and-coming business, with between 1 and 5 employees, looking for a workspace? You want to maintain a flexible rent solution while having your own space. This allows you to share ideas with other freelancers and skill-sets.

Hub Office – employee.

You live in or around Vevey or Gruyères, have to commute to work yet your boss won’t allow you a remote desktop?

TheWorkHub could be the ideal solution. Close to your home, find a professional work space as well as co-workers. By working from the Hub a few days a week, your quality of life improves and your boss gains a motivated employee. The Hub Office system is the future of home offices. TheWorkHub is a partner of the Village Office initiative – work where you live.